Success 4 is a character education program that is used to teach students about 4 skills that lead to successful experiences in a child’s life: social, emotional, intellectual, and behavioral.

Staff members will incorporate the 4 skills into the classroom environment, common area guidelines and create an overriding theme of what a successful school should look and act like.

Through Success 4, students and staff members will have a clearer understanding of behavioral expectations for students and create a positive learning environment.

Employers today are seeking workers with more than academic skills.  Supervisors want people who can get along well with others, perform in a team environment and consistently do their best – the same attributes that help create productive, contributing citizens throughout Iowa.

The staff members created the following Guidelines for Success in the MFL MarMac Community School District: Respect, Cooperate, Trustworthy, and Responsibility.  These guidelines will provide direction for the character education program Success 4 in the elementary and the middle school.