Dear Parents,


Welcome to the MFL MarMac Community School District.  Family involvement, cooperation, and support are three important components in the success of your child’s education.  Staff members encourage positive family involvement and seek family support/cooperation in the education of MFL MarMac students.   


This handbook provides you with information concerning the policies and rules established for the safety and welfare of the children attending the MFL MarMac Elementary Center. 


If you have any concerns about your child’s academic or social progress, please contact your child’s classroom teacher or the principal.





Kathy Koether

MFL MarMac Elementary Center  

























MFL MarMac Community School District Mission Statement

The mission of the MFL MarMac Community School District is to meet the needs of all students and guide them to their fullest potential as productive and responsible citizens.


MFL MarMac Community School District Vision Statement

As members of the MFL MarMac Community, we value and believe in:

            *developing respect, responsibility, and resourcefulness;

            *promoting teamwork;

            *encouraging positive family involvement;

            *providing opportunities for success in learning;

            *preparing all individuals for a life of learning;

            *challenging individuals to reach their full potential.


All members of the community are challenged to share in the responsibility of accomplishing these goals.



Guidelines for Success in the MFL MarMac Elementary Center


We believe in being:


·        Use appropriate language

·        Be supportive of others

·        Take care of the school and its property

·        Pay attention



·        Work together positively as a team

·        Follow directions

·        Contribute to class and school activities

·        Tolerate differences



·        Resist peer pressure – make your own choices and decisions

·        Keep your word and commitments

·        Honest with self and others

·        Take ownership for mistakes



·        Complete and return work on time

·        Do your best

·        Be prepared

·        Accept ownership of your own behavior






MFL MarMac Community Schools

PreSchool-3rd Grade Staff Directory


                     Mary Beth Allyn                    1st Grade

                                    Chet Bachman                      Physical Education

                                    Steve Becker                        Physical Education

                                    Ila Benzing                            Art

Nancy Berry                          Special Education

Bobbi Boggs                         Music

                                    Darnell Burton                      Associate

                                    Mary Crawford                      2nd Grade

                                    Amy Decker                          Preschool

                                    Greta Donlon                        2nd Grade

Joan Francis                         1st Grade

Lois Garms                            TAG

                                    Roberta Hass                        Title 1

                                    Shelby Hass                         Librarian Aide

                                    Pam Havlicek                       1st Grade

                                    Roberta Healy                      Kindergarten

                                    Sharon Henning                   Associate

                                    Theresa Horns                      Associate

                                    Georgia Jones                      Associate

                                    Ann Keehner                         Nurse

                                    Rebecca Keehner                Associate

Sherri Kerr                             Title 1

                                    Mary Kleve                            Guidance

                                    Kathy Koether                       Principal

                                    Allison Kuehl                        Preschool

                                    JoAnn Lang                           Associate

                                    Donna Lincoln                      2nd Grade

                                    Christy Matthew                    Kindergarten

                                    DeeAnn McGlaughlin          Associate

                                    Eva Mason                            Special Education

Heidi Meyer                           3rd Grade

Jody Meyer                            Special Education

                                    Michelle Meyer                     Preschool

Linda Miller                           K-12 Media Specialist

Debbie Reicks                      Kindergarten

                                    Theresa Rodas                     Secretary

                                    Lisa Seitz                               Associate

                                    Janelle Smith                        Associate

                                    Trish Solberg                        3rd Grade

                                    Crystal Thurn                        3rd Grade

                                    Nicole Tayek                         Associate





Student Attendance


Attendance Policies


If your child will not be attending school on a particular day, please call the Monona Center at 539-2032 by 9:15 A.M.  Families can also call the school’s voice messaging system and leave a message for the secretaries (539-8699 or 866-DOG-NEWS: 866-364-6397).  The messages are checked on a daily basis.  If the school isn’t notified by 9:15 A.M., attempts will be made to contact the parents at home or at work.  This procedure provides a measure of protection for the students.  Excused absences will be granted upon receiving a written note or phone call explaining the reason for the absence. 


Attendance Record

Students are expected to be in class and to make attendance a top priority.  Through attendance and class participation, students can achieve the benefits of the educational program.  A student is recorded as present one full day for each complete day of attendance.  If a student is absent for more than 1.5 hours, of either the morning or the afternoon, the student will be counted as absent for that half day. 


Arriving Late/Leaving Early

If it is necessary for your child to leave school before the regular dismissal time, or arrive later than 8:40 A.M., a note from home or a telephone call to the school must be made stating your permission/request.  Your child must sign in and out at the office when he or she arrives or leaves the school.  A student is tardy after 8:40 A.M., except in cases of weather or bus trouble.   



Parents requesting assignments for their child, who has been absent or will be missing school in the near future, should send a note to the teacher involved or to the principal’s office.  It is recommended that parents of absent students make their request early in the school day so that materials can be readied by the end of the school day.


Student Health, Well-Being and Safety Administration of Medication


Allergies/Health Condition

Please notify the school if your child has any health condition or allergies.


Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act

The MFL MarMac Community School District has developed a comprehensive asbestos management plan for its facilities.  A copy of the management plan is available for inspection in the superintendent’s office.


Abuse and/or Harassment Grievance Procedure

The school district does not tolerate employees physically/sexually abusing or harassing students.  Students who are physically/sexually abused or harassed by an employee should notify their parents, teachers, principal or other employees.  The Iowa Department of Education has established a two-step procedure for investigating allegations of

physical/sexual abuse or harassment of students by employees.  The procedure requires the school district to designate an independent investigator to look into the allegations.  For concerns requesting formal, written investigation contact Level I investigators:

            Ed Berry, High School – Monona Center – 563-539-2031

            Josh Mallicoat, Middle School – McGregor Center – 563-873-2250

            Kathy Koether, Elementary Principal – Monona Center – 563-539-2032

Level II investigator:

            Gary Mick, Attorney at Law, Guttenberg



MFL MarMac Schools prohibit any acts of bullying against any students, teachers, administration, and support staff.  All students are protected by board policy 501.9 of the school code which pertains to all forms of harassment including but not limited to race, religion, physical disability, and sexual orientation (GLTB).  Harassment and abuse are violations of school district policies, rules and regulations and, in some cases, may also be a violation of criminal or other laws.  The school district has the authority to report students violating this rule to law enforcement officials.  Depending on the severity of the harassment, disciplinary action will be taken.  An Anti-Harassment/Bullying Board Policy is included at the end of the handbook. 


The following are resources pertaining to this issue for families with elementary-aged children.  Please contact your child’s guidance counselor to receive additional information and/or other resources available.

How to Protect Your Child from Child Abuse, 800-999-SCOUT

No Way, Don’t Go There, & I Don’t Think So or local council

Safe School & Healthy Students

Pacer Center’s Kids Against Bullying

Families are Talking Newsletter V3N3.pdf

7 Steps to Protecting our Children (lower case L, not 1)

Stop It Now! or 1-888-PREVENT

Keeping Children Safe from Abuse


Communicable and Infectious Diseases

Students who have an infectious or communicable disease (mumps, measles, chicken pox, impetigo, and/or pink eye) shall be excluded from school until their personal physician approves the student’s return.  Please report any communicable diseases to the office.


Students will be sent home from school if head lice are found.  Students may return to class after treatment and being checked by the school nurse.


Emergency Drills

Periodically the school holds emergency fire, tornado, emergency evacuation and threatening intruder drills.  At the beginning of each semester, teachers notify students of the procedures to follow in the event of a drill.  Emergency procedures and proper exit areas are posted in all rooms.


Emergency Forms

At the beginning of each school year, parents must file an emergency form with the office providing the emergency telephone numbers of the parents as well as alternate persons to contact in the event the school is unable to locate the parents.  The emergency form also includes a statement that gives the school district permission to release the student to the alternate person in the event the parents cannot be reached.  If the information on the emergency form changes during the school year, parents must notify the elementary office in Monona.


Health Screening

Throughout the year, the school district sponsors health screening for vision, hearing, and height/weight measurements.  Students are automatically screened unless the parent submits a note asking the student be excused from the screening. 


Healthy and Well Kids in Iowa (HAWK-I) Program

Parents can apply for low- or no-cost health insurance for their children through the state's Healthy and Well Kids in Iowa (HAWK-I) program.  Children birth to 19, who meet certain criteria, are eligible.  The coverage includes doctor's visits, hearing services, dental care, prescriptions, immunizations, physical therapy, vision care, speech therapy and hospital services to name a few.  Parents are urged to call 1-800-257-8563 (toll-free) or go to the web site at for more information.



Prior to starting school or when transferring into the school district, students must present an approved Iowa Department of Public Health immunization certificate signed by a health care provider stating that the student has received the immunizations required by law.  Students without the proper certificate are not allowed to attend school until they receive the immunizations or the student makes arrangements with the principal.  Parents who have questions should contact the office.



Students may need to take prescription or non-prescription medication during school hours.  Students must provide written instructions for administration of the medication as well as parental authorization to administer the medication.  Medication is held in a locked cabinet and distributed by Ann Keehner.  Medication must be in the original container with the following information either on the container, in the instruction sheet or in the parental authorization: name of the student; name of the medication; directions for use (including dosage), times and duration; name of the physician; potential side effects; and emergency number for parents.  The school does not furnish non-prescription medications such as aspirin.


Physical and Dental Examinations and Lead Screening

Students are required to have a physical and a dental examination prior to entering

pre-school or kindergarten.  A copy of the physical and dental examinations should be on file with the nurse.  Students must also have a lead screening.


School Nurse

Ann Keehner is the school nurse in Monona.  She is at school from 8:00 A.M.-3:30 P.M.


Student Illness or Injury at School

A student who becomes ill or is injured at school must notify his or her teacher or another employee as soon as possible.  In the case of a serious illness or injury, the school shall attempt to notify the parents according to the information on the emergency form.  If the student is too ill to remain in school, the student will be released to the student's parents or, with parental permission, to another person directed by the parents.  The school will contact emergency medical personnel, if necessary, and attempt to notify the parents where the student has been transported for treatment.


Student Records


Student Records

Student records containing personally identifiable information, except for directory information, are confidential.  The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) affords parents and students over 18 years of age ("eligible students") certain rights with respect to the student's education records.  They are:


1. The right to inspect and review the student's education records within 45 days of receipt of the request.

2. The right to request the amendment of the student's education records that the parent or eligible student believes are inaccurate or misleading or in violation of the student's privacy rights.

3. The right to consent to disclosures of personally identifiable information contained in the student's education records, except to the extent that FERPA authorizes disclosure without consent.  (A school official has a legitimate educational interest if the official needs to review an education record in order to fulfill his or her professional responsibility.)

4. The right to inform the school district the parent does not want directory information to be released.  Any student over the age of eighteen or parent not wanting this information released to the public must make objection in writing to the principal.  The objection needs to be renewed annually.

5. The right to file a complaint with the U.S. Department of Education concerning alleged failures by the district to comply with the requirements of FERPA.  The name and address of the office that administers FERPA is:  Family Policy Compliance Office, U.S. Department of Education, 400 Maryland Ave., SW, Washington, DC, 20202-4605.


Rights and Responsibilities


Behavioral Expectations

Students who fail to abide by the school district's policies, rules, and regulations may be disciplined for conduct which disrupts or interferes with the educational program; conduct which disrupts the orderly and efficient operation of the school district or school activity; conduct which disrupts the rights of other students to obtain their education or to participate in school activities; or conduct which interrupts the maintenance of a disciplined atmosphere.  Disciplinary measures include, but are not limited to, removal from the classroom, detention, suspension, probation and expulsion.  The discipline imposed is based upon the facts and circumstances surrounding the incident and the student's record.


Dress Code

The major concern is that students have the proper clothing for various weather conditions.  All children are expected to go outside unless it is raining or extremely cold.  Children need warm clothing, gloves, hats and boots for winter wear.  Students should wear tennis shoes on P.E. days.


Students are to dress in a manner consistent with accepted community standards of good taste and decency.  Students may be asked to change clothes if the following is noted: midriff shirts are worn, slang sayings on shirts that are deemed inappropriate, student dress that may be restrictive, dangerous, or distracting to the education of themselves and other students.  Hats and bandannas should not be worn in school.  


Students are prohibited from wearing clothing advertising or promoting items illegal for use by minors including, but not limited to, alcohol or tobacco.  Shorts can only be worn when the temperature is expected to exceed 70 degrees F.  Students inappropriately dressed are required to change their clothing or leave the school.



Parent/guardians must give permission for their students to access the internet.  Staff members will monitor internet use for those students who have permission.  The use of the network is a privilege and may be taken away for violation(s) of board policies.


School Parties

Individual classrooms observe celebrations and holidays throughout the school year.  Students who do not wish to participate in these celebrations and holiday activities may be excused by their parent/guardian.


Student Searches

In order to protect the health and safety of students, employees and visitors to the school district and for the protection of the school district facilities, students and their belongings: school owned lockers and desks may be searched or inspected.  A search of a student will be justified when there are reasonable grounds for the suspicion that the search will turn up evidence that the student has violated or is violating the law or school district policy, rules, or regulations affecting school order.


Scholastic Achievement


Homework and Assignments

Assignments are an outgrowth or reinforcement of the content taught in the classroom.  Therefore, the amount of homework will vary according to the subject matter and study time provided in school. 


Grade Reports

Students receive progress reports in the form of report cards at the end of each quarter and semester.  Parents who have concerns about their student’s progress should talk to their teachers.


Parent/Teacher Conferences

Parent/teacher conferences are held in the fall and spring. 


Problem Solving Process/Academic and Behavioral Intervention

The MFL MarMac School district uses a problem-solving model to address student concerns.  Problem solving is a systematic set of procedures designed to look at difference factors that might be affecting student success, such as what is taught, how it is taught, and how the students respond to these processes.  Parents are key participants during all facets of problem solving.  During the problem solving process, school personnel (including special education staff and Keystone special education personnel) may be involved in gathering information that will be used to develop effective interventions.  If a child is recommended for special education services, parents must give written consent.  Parent may also request that their child be considered for special education services at any time by contacting the child’s principal.  Contact Ed Berry at 563-539-2031, Josh Mallicoat at 563-873-2250, and Kathy Koether at 563-539-2032.


Standardized Tests

Students are given the Iowa Test of Basic Skills annually.  These tests are used to determine academic progress for individual students, for groups of students, for the school district and to comply with the state law.   Students are also given the Dibels (Dynamic Indicators of Basic Early Literacy Skills) three times during the year:  fall, winter and spring.  The results are shared at parent/teacher conferences or by mail.



General Administrative Policies


Bicycles, Scooters, Roller Blades, Skateboards, and other Student Possessions



Scooters, roller blades, and skateboards are not allowed on the school grounds. 


Students may bring toys with the permission of their classroom teacher.  Items that are brought should be marked so they can be easily identified.  The school cannot assume responsibility for the loss of, or breakage of, items brought from home. 


Students may not possess radios, CD players, televisions, water guns, toy weapons and other similar items on school grounds or at school activities.  Students will be asked to return these items to their residence and not bring them to school.  In extreme cases, the item(s) will be held in the office until a parent is able to collect it/them.


Breakfast and School Lunch Programs

The breakfast and school lunch programs are available to all students.  Information is available from Pat Echard, Food Service Director, concerning applications for free and reduced lunches. 


Students not wishing to participate in the school lunch program may bring a sack lunch.  Milk is available at the school and may be charged to the student’s account.  Please do not send candy or pop with your child’s lunch.

During the school day, a milk or juice break is made available to students in grades PS-3.


The school discourages the charging of breakfast, lunch or milk.


Buses and Other School District Vehicles

Students who ride the bus and other school district vehicles to and from school, extracurricular activities or any other destination must comply with school district policies, rules and regulations.  Students are responsible to the driver while on the bus or in another school vehicle, loading or unloading or leaving the bus.  The driver has the ability to discipline a student and may notify the principal of a student's inappropriate bus conduct.


Persons riding in school district vehicles shall adhere to the following rules.  The driver, sponsor and chaperones are to follow the school district policies, rules and regulations for student violations.


All students riding a bus to a location other than the usual bus stop are to bring a note from their parents and give it to the teacher and the bus driver.    The teacher will also notify the elementary office.


Communications to and from School

When sending a note or money to school, the student should receive clear instructions from the parents about who the appropriate person is to receive the note and/or money.  Also, the school regularly sends notes and papers home with students.  Parents need to remind their child to notify them of parent notes or papers from school.  Parents are responsible for knowing the contents of the notes or papers sent home.


Parents can request school letters and notices be sent through the mail.


Early Dismissals

School is often dismissed early before vacation periods and on teacher in-service meeting days.  Specific dates for early dismissals, due to vacations and inservices, are listed on the school calendar.


Grievance Procedure for Student/Parental Complaints

Students/Parents may file a complaint regarding school district policies, rules and regulations or other matters by complying with the following procedure.  This procedure is strictly followed except in extreme cases.

1. Talk personally to the teacher.

2. Talk with the administrator.

3. After having attempted to resolve the problem informally in procedure #1 or #2, submit the complaint in writing to the principal.

4. Upon receipt of the written complaint, the principal shall forward a copy of the complaint to the appropriate person(s) and to the superintendent. 

5. Within five (5) school days of the receipt of the grievance, the principal, the complained of staff member, and the parent/student shall meet formally to discuss the grievance.  An effort shall be made to schedule the conference after school hours. 

6. After the meeting, the principal or his designee shall make a written recommendation for the resolution of the grievance.  A copy of the recommendation shall be given to the parent, superintendent, and the affected staff member.  

7. If the aggrieved parent, administrator, student, or complained of staff member disagrees with the recommendations under step five, he/she shall request in writing, within five (5) days to the superintendent, to have the superintendent review the facts of the situation and to render a final recommendation to the parties involved. 

8. If the aggrieved parent or complained of staff member disagrees with the recommendation under step six, he/she may appeal the administration’s decision to the School Board through the superintendent.  All parties shall have the right to counsel and to examine all witnesses at the Board Hearing.


Legal Status of Student

If a student's legal status, such as the student's name or the student's custodial arrangement, should change during the school year, the parent or guardian must notify the school district.  The school district needs to know when these changes occur to ensure that the school district has a current student record.


Illegal Items Found in School or in the Students' Possession

Students are prohibited from distributing, dispensing, manufacturing, possessing, using, and being under the influence of alcohol, drugs or look-a-like substances; and possessing or using tobacco, tobacco products or look-a-like substances. 


Weapons are not allowed on school grounds or at school activities with the exception of law enforcement officials.  Students bringing firearms to school or possessing firearms at school will be expelled for not less than one year.


Toy weapons (knives, guns, ammunition etc.) are not allowed in school.  Students will be asked to return these items to their residence and not bring them to school.  In extreme cases, the item(s) will be held in the office until a parent is able to collect it/them.


Invitations to Parties

The school district prefers that invitations to parties be given outside of school. 


Moving From the District

Please notify the school in advance of a planned move from the MFL MarMac Community School District.  Also, if you are moving within the district, please notify the office.


Multicultural, Nonsexist Educational Program/Equal Educational Opportunity

The school district does not discriminate in its education programs or educational activities on the basis of sex, race, religion, color, national origin, sexual preference (GLTB), marital status or disability.  Students are educated in programs which foster knowledge of, and respect and appreciation for, the historical and contemporary contributions of diverse cultural groups, as well as men and women, to society.  Students who feel they have been discriminated against are encouraged to report it to the school district Affirmative Action Coordinator.  The Affirmative Action Coordinator is Ed Berry and can be reached at 563-539-2031.  Inquiries may also be directed in writing to the Director of the Region VII Office of Civil Rights, U.S. Department of Education, 10220 North Executive Hills Blvd., 8th Floor, Kansas City, MO  64153-1367, (816) 891-8156, or the Iowa Department of Education, Grimes State Office Building, Des Moines, IA, 50319-0146, (515) 281-5294. 


Open Enrollment, Home Schooling and Dual Enrollment Students

Preceding the next school year, families wishing to open enroll their students must submit paper work in both the sending and receiving district central offices by January 1 and for kindergarten students by the 3rd  Thursday in September. 


Families interested in home schooling their children will need to contact John Kohlstedt at 563-873-2250.  Home schooled students enrolled in classes or participating in school activities in the school district are subject to the same policies, rules and regulations as other students and are disciplined in the same manner as other students.  Dual enrollment students interested in participating in school activities or enrolling in classes should contact John Kohlstedt at 563-873-2250.


Physical Education/Recess

All children will be required to participate in recess and physical education classes.  A written note should be sent to the teacher, if a child is unable to participate in recess or physical education activities.


Ages for Kindergarten Students

Kindergarten students must be 5 years of age by September 15 of the school year.  Students who are 5 years of age by September 15 may also attend preschool.  The preschool receives state funding for age eligible students (5 years old by September 15); therefore they will not be charged tuition.    


Receiving Flowers and Gifts

Due to differences in family observances, we ask that families refrain from sending balloons, flowers, etc. to the classrooms.  Any deliveries made to school will be held in the secretary’s office until the end of the day. 


School Cancellations

School will be cancelled or dismissed, if weather conditions will inhibit transporting students.  If you are in doubt as to whether there will be school due to inclement weather conditions, please listen to the radio stations: KDEC FM 100.5 - Decorah, KVIK FM 104.7 – Decorah, KOEL AM 950 – Oelwein, KCTN FM 100 – Elkader, WPRE FM 94.3 – Prairie du Chien, KXEL AM 1540 – Waterloo, KNEI FM 103.5 - Waukon, WMT AM 600 – Cedar Rapids, and watch these television stations: KGAN Channel 2 – Cedar Rapids, KWWL Channel 7 - Waterloo, and KCRG Channel 9 – Cedar Rapids.


School Fees

The school district charges fees for certain items, such as textbook rental.  Families who meet the income guidelines for free and reduced lunches are eligible to have their student fees waived or partially waived.  Lori Vorwald (superintendent’s office) is the contact person for the waiver form.  This waiver does not carry over from year to year and must be completed annually.


School Hours

Bus students start arriving to school at 8:00 A.M. and classes begin at 8:40 A.M.  Students will be counted tardy, if they arrive after 8:40 A.M. 


Due to the lack of supervision, please do not allow your children to arrive at school before 8:00 A.M. 


Students will be dismissed at 3:20 P.M.


Parents need to notify the school, if their student is going somewhere other than their normal dismissal destination.


School Office Hours 

On regular school days and professional development days, the office at the Monona Center is open from 8:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M.    



Student Activity Tickets

Students may purchase a student activity ticket for admission to certain school district activities.  Students not wishing to purchase an activity ticket must pay regular prices to attend school district activities.  K-5 students may purchase an activity ticket in the superintendent’s office.  The activity ticket price for Middle School and High School students is included with their book fees.


Student Insurance

Accident insurance is available to students throughout the school year.  Parents who would like more information about student accident insurance should contact Lori Vorwald in the superintendent’s office.


Telephone Use During the School Day

Generally, students receiving telephone calls during school hours will not be called to the telephone.  The office will take a message and forward it to the student.  Only in emergency situations are students removed from class or another school activity to receive a telephone call.  If needed, students may call home from the school telephone.


Threats of Violence

All threats of violence, whether oral, written, or symbolic, against students, employees, visitors, or to school facilities are prohibited.  All such threats will be promptly investigated.  Law enforcement may be contacted.  Threats issued and delivered away from school or school activities may be grounds for disciplinary action if the threat impacts the orderly and efficient operation of the school.  Students engaging in threatening behavior will face disciplinary consequences.



Students are expected to take care of school property including desks, chairs, books, lockers and school equipment.  Vandalism is not tolerated.  Students found to have destroyed or otherwise harmed school property may be required to reimburse the school district.  In certain circumstances, students may be reported to law enforcement officials.



Parents/families are encouraged to visit the school.  In order to check the classroom schedules, please call or send a note before visiting.  The visit should be for a specific amount of time. 


Visitors/Guests (to the school grounds) must sign in at the elementary office and wear a visitor’s badge.


If a student wishes to bring a guest to school, the student must receive permission from the teacher and principal prior to the guest's visit.



Parents, families and community members are encouraged to volunteer in school.  Volunteers must fill out an initial disclosure form.  Volunteers must sign in at the elementary office and wear a volunteer’s badge. 



Use of School District Facilities by Community Organizations

School district facilities are available during nonschool hours to nonschool-sponsored organizations for the purpose of meetings or activities.  Interested persons must contact the office, if an organization is interested in using the school. 




Common Area Expectations for Appropriate Behavior

in the MFL MarMac Elementary Center.


Arrival and Departure



Students of the MFL MarMac Elementary School are safe and kind to others and themselves while arriving and departing school.


Responsible Behavior for Arriving and Departing

Van Area

East Side PS-3 Van Supervision:

o       Students should line up at the designated van spot. 

o       Students riding the van should enter and sit quietly.

o       Students with bikes should leave immediately. 

o       Students waiting for parents need to stand quietly and wait patiently.

o       Traffic should not be parked for more than 15 minutes. 

o       Cars should not double park in the circle area.


Bus Area Expectations

o       Bus loading areas will be supervised by staff members. 

o       Students need to stay on the sidewalk and wait patiently in line. 

o       Students should not run or push each other.

o       Students waiting at the town bus stops should stay on the sidewalk(s) and wait patiently in line.


Bus Expectations

1. The students will represent the school by behaving and being respectful.

2. Students are under the authority of the bus drivers and the teachers.

3. Students need to be on time.  Busses will not wait for tardy students.

4. Students are to go directly to their seats after boarding.

5. If students must cross the roadway, they must pass in front of the bus but no closer than 10 feet.  Students must look in both directions, and proceed to cross the highway upon the signal from the bus driver.

6. Students shall not stand in the roadway when waiting for the bus.

7. Students should remain in their seats until the bus has come to a complete stop.

8. Students should not extend their hands, arms or heads through the bus windows.

9. Students shall keep a normal noise level and use appropriate language in their conversations.

10. Students should put trash in the garbage can.

11. Students should not:  yell out of the window, use inappropriate hand or body gestures.

12. Rough housing on the bus is prohibited.

13. Students need to keep their feet off of the seats.

14. Students must not throw objects in the bus or out of the windows.

15. The aisle must remain clear of objects.


Bus discipline involves a 3 step process (referral forms will be completed by the bus driver or the office). 

1. The first offense will be documented and recorded.

2. The second offense will be a 1 to 5 day suspension off of the bus (depending on the severity).

3. The third offense will be 6 or more days of suspension.


Bike and Walking Safety


The following are safety rules which will help protect the children when riding bikes or walking to and from school:


o       walk with friends/family to and from school

o       stay on sidewalks and do not take shortcuts through yards

o       never play around parked cars

o       never get into any vehicle or go anywhere with someone without parent’s permission

o       be sure to report to an adult if you are offered something suspicious

o       be assertive and say NO to anyone who tries to take something from you or if they make you feel uncomfortable

o       cross at the crosswalks and never dodge out between cars

o       go straight home, never go into other people’s houses without parent’s permission

o       (no loitering) do not hang around the school when school is dismissed, go directly home

o       bikes need to be parked in the bike racks

o       bikes should be walked when the sidewalks are filled with students

o       walkers and bikers need to follow the traffic rules


Families Dropping Off and Picking Up Their Students

o       Families should stay on the east side of the elementary building. 

o       The bus circle is for busses only. 

o       Families need to sign students out (at the office), if they are getting picked up before 3:20 P.M.

o       Families need to sign their student(s) in (at the office), if they arrive to school after 8:40 P.M.

o       Students should not dart in between cars that are parked in the circle drive. 







The Preschool – 3rd grade assemblies are a time in which students can have a shared learning experience and have fun.


Responsible Assembly Behavior

The following expectations were developed to increase staff consistency while

teaching and supervising assemblies.  They are an extension of our Elementary Guidelines for Success.



Students will….

o       use line basics going to and from the assembly.

o       sit in a designated area by their teacher.

o       respect other’s space; body basics.

o       be considerate and attentive.

o       show appreciation with appropriate applause

o       participate when asked.

o       remain seated until dismissed.





The cafeteria of the MFL MarMac Elementary Center is a clean, orderly, and pleasant environment for students and staff.


Responsible Cafeteria Behavior

The following expectations were developed to increase staff consistency while supervising our cafeteria and to provide assistance when teaching and reteaching responsible behavior.


Students will….

o       walk in the cafeteria and walk quietly through the hallways going to and from the lunch room.

o       keep hands and feet to self.

o       talk quietly with others at their table.

o       face forward at your assigned bench.

o       clean up their table and area before leaving (wipe table and place trash in bin)

o       raise hand for help.

o       say “yes please”, “thank you” and “no thank you”.

o       use good table manners:

-chew with mouth closed.

-use utensils appropriately.

-be positive; no complaining about the food.

      -use the ketchup and mustard and pass them on politely (do     

      not play with these).





Field Trips



Field trips are considered an extension of the classroom and a part of the total teaching program.  These learning experiences provide an enrichment of classroom activities.  When a school bus is used, parents will be notified prior to the field trip.  The classrooms will notify the office if taking a walking trip.    All busses will return to school by 2:45 P.M. on the day of a field trip.



Responsible Behaviors on Field Trips

The following expectations were developed to increase staff consistency while going on field trips.  They are an extension of our Elementary Guidelines for Success.


Students will….

o       respect other’s space; using body basics.

o       be considerate (do not talk while the tour guides are talking, say please and thank you) and be attentive.

o       show appreciation (thank you) for other’s time and effort (i.e. volunteers, bus drivers, and tour guides).

o       participate when asked.

o       use line basics going to and from the busses and trip destinations.

o       follow the bus rules.


Games and Events



The Preschool – 3rd grade students who attend school district games and events are to have fun and cheer on our team respectively.  In order to insure student and spectator safety, the administration and staff have set forth guidelines for students to follow while at games and events. 


Responsible Games and Events Behaviors

The following expectations were developed to tell students the expected behaviors while attending games and events.  The behaviors are an extension of our Elementary Guidelines for Success.


Students will….

o       sit in the student’s section, with their parents or stand and watch the athletic events.

o       respect other’s space; keep hands and feet to self.

o       be considerate and attentive.

o       use sportsmanship through appropriate applause and excitement.

o       not be allowed to play tackle/nontackle football.

o       horseplay will not be allowed during these events.

o       students are to stay off of practice equipment that may be close to the event. 







The hallways of the MFL MarMac Elementary Center are a safe, orderly and pleasant place for transitioning to classes.




Responsibility in Our Hallways

Students will….

1. use line basics:

                        a. Face Front

                        b. Hands to Side

                        c. Quiet Talking

                        d. Walk.

            2. use appropriate greetings (Hi, Hello, Good Morning, etc.).

            3. use friendly smiles to greet teachers, visitors, and friends.

4. keep hallways clean; wipe feet when entering the building, put trash in trash cans and organize personal belongings.





Students of the MFL MarMac Elementary School are safe and pleasant to others while on the playground.


Responsible Playground Behavior

1. Play within the boundaries of the playground.

            -stay on the south side of the building

            -stay out of the windbreak trees

            -do not go beyond the baseball field fence


2. Play must be safe.

Examples of “safe” play...

-keep the kick balls in the playground area and away from the swings and play equipment

            -no throwing snowballs or playing king of the hill

-students may slide down (one at a time), dig tunnels and make forts on the snow piles

            -wood chips need to stay on the ground

            -stay out of the mud

            -touch football only

            -jump ropes are for jumping only

            -sit down on the slides

-sand must stay in the sandbox, do not throw the sand and respect other’s sand creations

            -do not dig in the dirt; dig only in the sand box

-skate boards, roller blades, scooter boards and roller skates, baseballs,  are not allowed at school

            -swing forwards and backwards, not side to side, do not lock legs while                   swinging, swing 20 times and then switch


3. Follow directions of the supervisor

            -with permission, one person may retrieve a stray ball in the street

            -with permission, students can reenter building

            -supervisors are to write down the names of students who are                                    misbehaving in the office

-remind students to be quiet while entering and exiting the building for recess

            -when the whistle blows, students are to stop play and line up immediately

-make sure the play equipment is returned to its proper place after recesses




Cold or Rainy Weather Expectations

1. The principal will designate when boots and snow pants are to be worn.

2. If there is a muddy day, students must stay on the sidewalks or dry surfaces.

3. The following actions must be taken if students are missing certain articles (of their winter clothing) while outside for recess.


Hats, gloves and coats:       if student(s) left them inside, they will be allowed to go back in and get them for the remainder of the recess.


if student(s) did not bring them (hats and/or gloves) to school; they must use gloves from the lost and found and clean hats from the secretary’s office (borrowed by a student for the day and then washed following use).


Snow pants:                          Students without snow pants will stand next to the building.                                       


Snow boots:                          Students without boots will stand next to the building.


4. If raining, students should remain in their classrooms.  The assigned duty person will supervise the students.

5. Recess supervisors are encouraged to get the students outside whenever possible.  However, when there is rain or extreme cold temperatures, students need to stay inside for indoor recess. 


A thermometer will be in the secretary’s office (displaying the outside temperature).  If the air temperature is below 0 degrees F, students must stay in.  (A chart is available in the secretary’s office).  Recess Supervisors will have the discretion on whether to go outside or not.   Because of this accommodation, a doctor’s note may be required for students desiring to stay inside from recess due to illness for more than one consecutive day.






The restrooms of the MFL MarMac Elementary Center are a safe, clean and used with consideration for others.


Responsible Restroom Behavior

Students will….

o       speak softly and pleasantly, using “inside voices”.

o       respect others’ privacy (one person in the stall at a time with the  door closed).

o       use stall only as intended (urinate in fixture, no standing on seats, or hanging on the doors).

o       check and clean up before leaving (water turned off, stalls unlocked, and paper towels in trash).

o       go to the bathroom, wash their hands and get out.

o       not plug up the sink with paper towels.

o       flush when finished.