Middle School Writing Gallery

Megan Johnson, a seventh grade (2004) student, had her poem, "As I Look Up", selected to be published in a book of poetry.

Eighth grader (2002) Michael Rubendall was a winner in the Northeast Iowa Poetry Contest for his poem entitled "You Can".  This same poem is a semifinalist in the International Open Poetry Contest and will be published in a book called Letters from the Soul, in another book called The Sound of Poetry, and recorded on a CD and a cassette tape for sale to the public.

Congratulations also to eighth grader (2002) Anne Sadler for having her poem "You" selected for the book Letters From the Soul.

Great job poets and writers!

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Date Posted
4 Seventh Graders A Person I Admire March 2004
Megan Johnson
As I Look Up
January 2004
7th Grade
Poetry Samples
Miscellaneous Poetry
October 2003
Kayla Koether
March 2003
Jessica Bulman
Island of the Dead
Fictional Short Story
February 2003
Michael Rubendall
You Can
Award Winning Poetry
Spring 2002
 Anne Sadler
Published Poem 
 Spring 2002

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