7th Grade Poetry Samples

by Michala Dickey

We’re doing homework
In this stuffy room.
We’re doing homework
With the fans going on high.
We’re doing homework
While people chatter.
We’re doing homework
With five minutes left.
We’re doing homework
With people thinking “Ring, bell, ring.”
We’re doing homework
With three seconds left.
We’re doing homework
While I’m writing this poem.
The class is done.
We did homework.
The end of my poem.

by Michael Wagner

A squirrel’s taste is mostly nuts,
They save them for the winter months.
Squirrels raise their ears when they hear a noise.
And look to see if danger is near.
They use their feet to climb up trees,
and run away when they fear.
Squirrels smell for their food and water,
And remember their way back to their nests.

The Bluejay
by Stephanie Schultz

The flapping wings are very long,
The sound is like a beautiful song,
With a nice cool breeze
Sitting on the arms of the trees.

Seeing it enjoy the great day,
I realize that it is a bluejay.
It comes down resting on my shoulder,
I hear it say, “See you another day.”

by Kristina Kerr

The leaves have fallen.
The grass is brown.
It’s time to harvest.
Here comes the crowd.
It’s Thanksgiving Day,
And on the table
There is a feast.
The family’s here,
Let’s eat!!

by Jilana Gerdes

The leaves are turning
Yellow, orange, and brown,
They fall off the tree,
Then you rake them.
When you burn them,
They smell like burnt marshmallows.
You hear them crackle,
Then they’re gone,
Until next year.

Night Time
by Jilana Gerdes

At night,
It’s not bright.
There’s stars,
Near Mars.
The man on the moon
Will come home soon.

The Snake
by Stephanie Schultz

The slithery snake
Looks really slimy
Slim as a slice of salami
Stay away so you don’t get scared.

The Bee Was as Yellow as the Sun
by Kristina Kerr

The bee was as yellow as the sun,
And as black as night.
It was sitting
On a bright orange flower
Like the color of a ripe pumpkin
Before Halloween.

The Stallion and the Eagle
by Clay Cornwell

The stallion and eagle race the plains,
The eagle with wings as light as a pen,
The stallion as black as midnight,
They race the plains as one,
The eagle, the stallion, as one shadow.


An apple tree is
Quietly and so gently
Dropping its apples.
by Courtney Hefner
Waterfalls are fast
And they grow so tall that they
Wash out the old land.
by Kristina Kerr 
Grasshopper so small
Got caught and put into jar
Now in kids’ bedroom
by Clay Cornwell

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