As I Look Up

Written by Megan Johnson
7th grade

As I look in the sky, I wonder why,
Why canít I be a star free,
More independent that free can describe.
While Iím looking up
I think it would be fun
To dance in the sky all night
By the colorful sun
And the lonesome moon.
Sleep by day
While children are at play.
I could, probably would
Look at the planets
Colorful as the rainbow
With large rings around them
And others by their selves.
Lined up in a distance.
Millions and billions of light years away.
The sky, dark as black velvet by night.
By day, blue as the ocean
On a hot summer day,
But then again
What about my friends?
Dancing alone?
Maybe itís best if I stay down here.
But still Iíll dream of dancing up in the sky.
At least while Iím looking up.


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