Island of the Dead

by Jessica Bulman - 7th grade

    I was on vacation with my family. We were sailing on a big ship. It was almost midnight, and I couldn't sleep. I left my bed and stood on the deck when a huge wave came along. I was knocked off the ship into the deep, freezing water.
     I screamed for help but nobody could hear me. I looked around me, and I could see the dark shade of land through the mist, so I swam toward it. That is how I ended up on The Island of the Dead.
     I stood on the sand screaming for help, but nobody could hear me. I decided to look for help myself. I walked along the beach for a minute hoping to see the ship turning back to come for me, but all I could see was endless sea water. I wonder what my parents are going to think once they find out I am missing.
     I started to freak out when I heard a soft voice,"Pssst, over here." It was coming for behind a large tree. I didn't know what to do. Then a boy's head popped out from behind the tree. He looked just about my age. "Quick, over here before you get caught." the boy pleaded again.
     I took a step toward him, "Caught by who?" Then the boy jumped out, grabbed my hand, and started running into the forest. He stopped once we lost all sight of water.
     "What is going on, and who are you?" I asked growing more annoyed by the second.
     "My name is John." he said, "My family and I were attacked on our ship by um..... well anyway they are.....dead." I could tell he was having trouble holding back tears. "Alice, we are in great trouble."
     "How do you know my name?" I screamed. "I am getting freaked out!"
     "Shhh, be quiet. Let me explain. Well, I was attacked by the......the dead.They killed my family. They said they needed me to become human again. They also said a girl would soon be arriving on the island. Her name would be Alice also be needed to become human. Of course I got away. Now come on, we have to go somewhere safe before they find us. They are all over, as they call it, The Island of the Dead."
     I had so many questions but I followed him silently anyway. We were walking deeper into the forest when we heard scratchy voices ahead. We jumped behind a bush. Then four men stopped right in front of the bush we were behind,
     "I smell.....I smell....." Then before I knew what was happening someone grabbed John and me. The next thing I saw almost made me throw up, but I was too afraid to.
     The four men were zombies. Skin was missing on places on their bodies, dried blood all over them, and one of them only had half a head. I looked over at John, and I could tell he was just as scared as me.
     They carried us over their shoulders. No matter how hard we kicked and hit them, they would not loosen their grip. They carried us to a ship. There we saw a whole crew of zombies aboard a ship.
     The two zombies dropped us at the feet of what looked like a captain of the ship who had been dead for more than one hundred years. "We must find our castle in the woods before the full moon reaches the highest point in the sky." The captain told his crew."We must get a move on."
     The crew threw us in a room, on the ship, with only one little window, and locked us in. "I have a plan. The zombies aren't too bright." John rushed over to the window.
     "We won't be able to fit through that window." I said. He started pulling at the wood around the window. In less than twenty seconds the hole was big enough for us to fit through. "You are a genius!"
     We jumped off the ship into the water.Afraid that the zombies heard us, I looked back at the ship. They hadn't, the ship was still sailing on.At last the ship was out of sight. We swam to shore. As I looked back at the sea, I saw a big ship coming for the island. "I recognize that ship!" I yelled."It's the ship my family is on. We're save!" I was so happy that I hugged John.
     After what seemed hours the ship finally reached us. We climbed aboard. My mother burst into tears, "I'm so happy you're alive!"
     When we were almost out of sight of the island, I heard a whisper in the wind, "You have not escaped........


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