Who I Admire and Why
by Heather Radloff

        I admire my dad, Steve, because he is always there for me when I need him.  He cares about others, even if itís just his friends.  Heís a nice, funny, sweet, smart, loving dad, and a friendly person.  He is easy to get along with.  He never yells at me unless I make him mad.  He cares about his country.  He wants to go over to Iraq to fight for his country because he loves it so much.  My dad is the bravest man I know, and he probably always will be.
        My dad is sort of tall, but not a giant.  He has blue eyes and blond hair.  He is an AMVET, and he is in the Army Reserves.  He married my mom, Stephanie, in February 1990, and they had me and my brother Cody.  We live in Farmersburg.
        My dad loves to go hunting, fishing, and spending time with friends and family.  He loves to spend time with my brother and me.  He also likes dogs, cats, fish, and other things.
        That is why I admire my dad.  He will always be my #1 Dad.

The Person I Admire
by Paige Quandahl

        The person I look up to is my mom.  I look up to her because she has always been there for me.  She always seems to know whatís wrong and how to take care of it.  She always is able to cheer me up when I am sad.  She helps me solve my problems when I donít think anyone can ever solve them.
        I also look up to my mom because of her career.  She helps other people solve their problems.  She also protects people even if it puts her in danger.  She is a very brave person to do that.  She helps keep our town safe from things, and that means a lot.
        My mom is like my super hero.  She can do a lot of things and still put up with my sister and me.  Sometimes my mom and I fight, but I know she will always be there for me no matter what happens.  Sometimes I think of my mom as my best friend because I know I can talk to her about anything, and she will understand me when I donít make sense.  I think my mom is the greatest mom in the world and one of the most loving and caring people in the world.
        I love my mom a lot.  And that is why I look up to my mom.

The Person I Admire
by David Heins

        I look up to my dad because he teaches me things such as how to ignore mean people.  There were a lot of times where my brother and I got into fights, and thatís where his strategy came in.  It worked too!
        When I go fishing, he helps me choose a bait.  He taught me how to unhook a fish when I caught one.  He also taught me how to tie the fishing line.
        My dad taught me how to golf.  He taught me which club to use based on the distance from the cup.
        He kind of taught me how to play football.  My dad sticks up for me a lot.  When somebody yells at me, he tells them to leave me alone.  He also sometimes buys me what I want.  He ignores people when they want to start fights, and he knows how to keep it cool and not lose his temper.

Who I Admire
by Jordan Moose

        I look up to my grandma because of how she lets me feel like I can do anything, and it makes me feel good inside.  She also cooks very good meals, and I learn a lot of neat things about what she did when she was little, and some of the things she had to do to keep up with the farm.  The most wonderful part is when she plays cards with us and always wants to play more, and that is cool.
        Another person I look up to is my dad, even though he makes me angry sometimes.  He works hard every day and teaches me things that Iíll need to know and how to do them when the time comes.  One day, Iíll look back and have many memories.
        I also look up to my dadís friend Brad.  He tells me how to drive bulldozers, and one day I hope to work for him and maybe even own my own construction business.
        One other person I look up to is Tony McGuire, my neighbor.  I look up to him because he shows me things that come in handy at many times.  Heís a really nice man, and he laughs a lot and jokes around.  Sometimes I even think he and his family are part of my family.  We are really close.

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