McGregor Center Faculty

Denise Mueller.....Principal

Julie Mullarkey..... Secretary (e-mail)

Marnie Carlson.....Guidance

Jennelle Schroeder..... District Nurse

David Corlett.....Athletic Director

Melissa Haberichter.....Teacher Librarian

Don Smalley.....Technology Specialist

Julie Vogt... Library Associate

Ryan Martindale... Technology Specialist

Teachers (Webpages and E-mail)
Associates (E-Mail)
Mrs. Donna Anderson - 8th Grade: Literature, Second Chance Reading, 7th Grade: Second Chance Reading/Lit, 6th Grade: Character Education
Ms. Jaydeane Berns - 7th-8th Chorus
Mr. Scott Boylen - 7th Grade: Literature,  Futures, 8th Grade: Language Arts, Character Education
Mrs. Amy Bunting - 5th Grade
Mrs. Dawn Colsch - 6th Grade: Science, Study Skills, 8th Grade: Science
Mrs. Twila Converse - 6th Grade: Science, 7th Grade: Science, Life Skills, 8th Grade Healthy Living
Mr. David Corlett - 5th Grade
Mr. Tracy Decker - 6th Grade: Iowa History, US History; 7th Grade: US History
Mr. Eric Dettbarn - 4th Grade
Mrs. Dawn Dull - 4th Grade
Ms. Christina Harbaugh - 7th-8th Grade Band
Ms. Natalie Heiring - 4th-8th Grade Art, TAG
Mrs. Michelle Hontz - 4th-6th Grade General Music and 5th and 6th Grade Band
Mrs. Stephanie Jones - 6th Grade: Literature, Language Arts, 7th Grade: Literature
Mrs. Jonelle Kann - 4th-6th Grade Title I Reading
Mrs. Christy Matthew - 4th Grade
Ms. Marcia Miller - 7th-8th Special Ed, Language, Lit, Math
Mrs. Judie Oelke - 4th-5th Grade Special Ed
Mr. Brent Pape - 4th-8th Grade Special Education
Mr. Erik Peterson - 7th Grade: Pre-Algebra, Math Concepts, 8th Grade: Math, Pre-Algebra, Algebra
Mrs. Eliza Philpott - 6th Grade: Computer Applications, 7th Grade: Language Arts, Current Events, 8th Grade: U.S. History, Current Events
Mrs. Shauna Lange - 5th Grade

Mrs. Lindsey Fisk - 7th Grade: Civics, Geography, Math
Mrs. Kelly Winter - 7th Grade: Language Arts, 4th-8th Grade: Phys. Ed.
Mrs. Marlene Houg
Danyelle Kruse
Ms. Sharon Matthew
Mrs. Nancy Moses
Michelle Scherf

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