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Aimee Lenth selected for First All-State flute.
Aimee will perform with the All-State Band in Ames on Nov. 21.  The concert will air on IPTV on Nov. 26, at 7:00 PM

Macy Walz-recalled at All-State auditions, Oct. 24.

Macy Walz and Tyler Rochleau selected for NEIBA Honor Band.  Macy and Tyler will perform on Dec. 5 in Oelwein.  


Evelyn Johnson, selected for the NEIBA Honor Band.
Evelyn will perform in Oelwein on Dec. 5.

Questions or comments, e-mail the band director, Lyle Behrend.

2009-2010 Calendar of Events


High School Band
            28  Fri.     Varsity FB Game

          5    Sat.      Labor Day Parade
        18    Fri.      Varsity FB Game

         2     Fri.      Homecoming; Parade, Assembly, FB Game
       16     Fri.      Varsity FB Game
       24     Sat.      All-State Band auditions, Manchester

       11     Wed.   Veteran's Day service and parade, Garnavillo
       19-21            All-State Band, Ames.

          4    Fri.      Pep Band   6:45
          5    Sat.      NEIBA Honor Band, Oelwein
        10    Thur.    Winter Concert, 7:30  Monona
        11    Fri.      Pep Band   7:00
        18    Fri.      Pep Band   6:45
        22    Tues.   Pep Band   6:45

           5    Tues.    Pep Band   7:00
         15    Fri.       Pep Band   7:00
         18    Mon.    UIC Honor Band, Turkey Valley
         29    Fri.       Pep Band   6:45

           1    Mon.    Pep Band   7:00
    11-13                UNI Honor Band, Select Students
          23   Tues.   Bandorama,  7:30  McGregor
          26   Fri.      All-school Carnival, 5:00-8:30  McGregor

          11   Thur.   Pops Concert, 7:30  Monona
          30   Tues.   Solo/ensemble Recital Night, 5:30-8:30  Monona

          10   Sat.      State Solo/ensemble Contest   TBA

           4    Tues.   Awards Concert,  7:30   Monona
           8    Sat.      State Band Contest, TBA
         23    Sun.     Graduation, 1:30   Monona
         29    Sat.       Memorial Day Parade-service  10:00 AM  McGregor

Middle School Band

       16   Fri.   Varsity FB Game

     10     Tues.  Fall Concert,  7:30 McGregor

       5     Sat.   NEIBA Honor Band

      23    Tues.  Bandorama, 7:30  McGregor
      26     Fri.    Carnival-Cabaret  McGregor

         6   Sat.   Tri-state Honor Band, Decorah(select students)
       16   Tues.   Solo/ensemble contest, McGregor  5:00-8:30

       13   Thur.   Variety Show, 7:30  McGregor
       23   Sun.      HS Graduation 1:30(8th grade only)
       29   Sat.      Memorial Day Parade, 10:00  McGregor(8th grade)




Dallas Brass
Drum Corps International


Why Music?

"Where words fail, music speaks."   - Hans Christian Andersen

"Music is important.  It says things your heart can't say any other way, and in a language everyone speaks.  Music crosses borders, turns smiles into frowns, and vice versa.  These observations are shared with a hope: that, when schools cut back on music classes, they really need to think about what they're doing and don't take music for granted." - Dan Rather, CBS News

"Can education be complete without exposure to music and the arts?  I believe the answer is 'no.'  Education must include reference to men in their creative capacity, and much of the creative energy of mankind has been devoted to music and the other arts."    -Sen. Edward Brooke, R-MA

 "Only men who understand music are fit to govern."    - Confucius

 "I see my life in terms of music."    - Albert Einstein 

"Why music do you ask, because music is a science, music is mathematical, music is a foreign language, music is history, music is physical education, and music is humanity."    - unknown