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The MFL MarMac Community School District serves approximately 800 students in grades K-12.  Attendance centers are located in Monona (PreK-3 Elementary and 9-12 High School) and McGregor (4-5 Intermediate and 6-8 Middle School).

MFL MarMac Community School
700 South Page St.
P.O. Box 1040
Monona, IA  52159

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        The Board of Directors believes that the administrative, instructional, operative staffs, and physical facilities shall be such that all facets will contribute to the maximum learning opportunities for all children of school age in the community, and for adult members of the community when such opportunities are desired by a reasonable number of people.
        The Board of Directors believes that in order to provide maximum learning opportunities, prudent plans of financial management must be developed, commensurate with the community’s ability and willingness, and limitation set by controlling bodies.
        The Board of Directors believes that each student shall be treated as an individual with his/her own particular capabilities, aptitudes and personality.  Every attempt should be generated to provide each student with opportunities for obtaining the knowledge, experience and skills which will best prepare him/her to assume a position, to make a positive contribution to society and him/herself, whether it be furthered through education or a basic general knowledge, experience and skills to pursue a certain vocation or interest.
        It is the belief of the Board of Directors that each student shall have the opportunity to participate in any approved, educational program that will most satisfactorily meet his/her needs.  The Board of Directors further approves the basic philosophy of recognizing students, upon completion of approved educational programs designated to meet the needs of the individual, by awarding an appropriate certification or diploma in recognition of their achievements.

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 Mission Statement

      The mission of the MFL MarMac Community School District is to meet the needs of all students and guide them to their fullest potential as productive and responsible citizens.

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 Vision Statement

     As members of the MFL MarMac community, we value and believe:
             •  developing respect, responsibility, and resourcefulness;
             •  promoting teamwork;
             •  encouraging positive family involvement;
             •  providing opportunities for success in learning;
             •  preparing all individuals for a life of learning;
             •  challenging them to reach their full potential.
        We challenge all members of the community to share in the responsibility of accomplishing these goals.

        It is our belief that every learner shall have the opportunity and the resources available to reach his/her mental and physical potential. We also believe that every learner shall be provided the experiences to appropriately apply the tools and application necessary to be successful lifelong learners.  During this process, he/she will develop respect, responsibility, resourcefulness, and teamwork as an integral part of his/her learning.  This will be obtained when teachers, parents, and the community share the responsibility in accomplishing these goals.

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Student Learning Goals

       The Board of Directors recognizes that an individual must be given due consideration mentally, physically, morally, spiritually, emotionally and socially.  Opportunities to determine and to work toward goals that are purposeful and significant to the individual shall be provided to develop their talents and characteristics significant to the development of a wholesome individual, according to his/her ability.  In the growth of an individual it is important to consider human relationships, self-realization, civic responsibilities, and economic efficiency.

Student Learning Goals

Knowledgeable Person
    A knowledgeable person can apply the basic skills of reading writing and math in everyday situations.

Self Directed Learners
    A self directed learner is one who set priorities, establishes goals, and takes responsibility for pursuing and evaluating those goal in an ever changing society.

Active Citizens
    An active citizen takes the initiative to contribute time, energy, and talent to improve the quality of life for themselves and others in their local, national and global environments.

Collaborative Workers
    Collaborative workers use effective group skills to manage interpersonal relationships within diverse settings.

Critical and Creative Thinker
    A critical and creative thinker can develop and use a variety of resources including technology.

Effective Communicator
    An effective communicator can competently read, listen, speak, and write for a variety of purposes.

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MFL MarMac SIAC Long-Range Strategic Plan:    2009 - 2014.

1. Strive for Academic Excellence
-Increase academic rigor.
-Continue academic variety in programs.
-Increase graduation rate.
-Continue and increase in being on the cutting edge in technology.
-Continue with Preschool and Childcare philosophy.
2. Work to Not Lose what has been Developed
-Overall Positive Climate. Positive board/admin. and  staff communications.
-Academic Variety: college credit courses, special needs programs, early childhood, technology, and balance between academics/activities.
-Quality of Teaching Staff.
-Recent Facility Improvements.
-Fiscal Position during declining Enrollment.
3. Facilities Needs
-Continued General Maintenance
    : continued maintenance and upkeep of all aspects of older buildings
    : energy-efficiency efforts where possible.
-Lack of Adequate and safe extra-curricular and academic space; community wellness, multi-purpose, wrestling,  ind. tech, auditorium.
4. Work to Improve Societal and Demographical Issues to the Degree Possible and Appropriate.
-Student Apathy among a section of students and parents.
-General Family and Societal Dysfunction Issues.
-Mental and Physical Student Health.
-Alcohol and Drug Problems.
-Safety Concerns in terms of liability, violence and perpetrator prevention

Approved By the Board on May 12, 2008

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 Central Administration



Dr. Dale Crozier Superintendent
Lori Vorwald Secretary
Cindy Koons Business Manager
Karla Hanson
Pat Echard Food Service


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 Board of Education

Gina Roys
President Term expires 20xx
Sharon Greener
Vice President Term expires 2017 563-880-7684
Tonya Meyer
Term expires 20xx
Collin Stubbs
Director Term expires 20xx
Brian Meyer Director Term expires 2017 563-880-3709
Josh Grau
Director Term expires 2017 563-880-0919
Jonathon Moser
Director Term expires 2017 563-880-3358


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 District Phone Numbers

Superintendent's Office (563) 539-4795
Business Office (563) 539-4795
Fax, Monona
(563) 539-4913
Fax, McGregor (563) 873-2371
High School, Monona (563) 539-2031
Middle School (4-8), McGregor (563) 873-2250
Monona Elementary (K-3), Monona (563) 539-2032
Bus Barn (563) 539-2139

24 Hour School Information Hotline
provided by Northeast Iowa Telephone
563-539-8699 or 1-866-DOG-NEWS

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 School Closing Information

In case of bad or threatening weather or any other circumstances which may lead to school dismissal or closings, refer to any of the following resources for the latest information:

MFL  MarMac 24-Hour Information Hotline
provided by
Northeast Iowa Telephone Company
563-539-8699 or 1-866-DOG-NEWS

Radio Stations
KCTN - 100 FM
WQPC - 94.3 FM
KADR - 1400 AM
WPRE - 980 AM 

TV Stations

KGAN - 2
KWWL - 7
KCRG - 9

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 Community Groups Supporting MFL MarMac Education

Dollars for Scholars

Friends of the Arts

MFL MarMac Athletic Booster Club




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 Community Links


City of Monona
Monona Chamber of Commerce
E-mail the City of Monona



McGregor-Marquette Chamber of Commerce
E-mail the City of Marquette
McGregor-Marquette Chamber of Commerce
E-mail the City of McGregor

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