Expectations for Kindergarten


Students will
•    show an interest in reading by visually attending to pictures and print while being read to and choosing to read books independently
•    comprehend a story through sequence, retell, and predict story events
•    use decoding strategies:
                letter names & sounds, esp. beginning sounds, context clues & picture clues, similarities & differences in words and letters, directionality of print (left to right; top to bottom)
•    identify own name in print and other common high frequency words
•    know that books and stories convey information and feelings


Students will….
•    write a story with words, letters, and pictures
•    participate in the whole class process of writing a language experience chart
•    begin using letters in inventive spelling
•    write familiar/common/high-frequency words


Students will….
•    communicate successfully in classroom, including asking for help & communicating feelings, thoughts, and opinions
•    speak in front of the class
•    answer and ask questions relating to a specific subject
•    use communication system independently to meet individual needs (verbal & nonverbal)
•    use a widening vocabulary


Students will….
•    sit attentively through a short activity
•    follow a given direction (1-2 step) independently
•    give a positive response to orally presented stories, poems, rhymes, drama, and prose
•    understand that reading & writing can convey a message & be useful in daily life
•    look at the person speaking with minimal interrupting

These expectations are based on research data from: NCTE and IRA, McREL, Houghton Mifflin and the Primary Program.

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