Expectations for 4th Grade


Students will….
•    decode unkown words using:
            phonetic and structural analysis
            a variety of context clues
•    determine the meanings of unknown words using:
            a variety of context clues
            a glossary or dictionary
•    make and confirm predictions about what will be found in a text
•    identify: setting, plot, and main characters
                  purpose and point of view
                  main idea or concept
•    Use: index, table of contents, glossary, etc.
•    apply the reading process and strategies to:
            directions and procedures
            folktales, realistic fiction, fantasy,
            and informational texts etc.
            maps, graphs, charts, diagrams, etc.
•    read for a variety of purposes: including independent reading
•    use encyclopedias, dictionaries, indexes, and available technology to gather information
•    read orally with fluency and expression


Students will….
•    write stories that have a central idea with supporting detail
•    write legibly
•    write complete sentences that have few grammatical errors related to:
            a) spelling of commonly used words
            b) capitalization
            c) ending punctuation
            d) common uses of commas
            e) commonly confused terms (their, they’re, and there)


Students will….
•    increase speaking vocabulary
•    tell a story in sequence with appropriate detail
•    refine and expand his or her own grammar
•    identify and use non-verbal cues in conversation
•    identify appropriate and inappropriate uses of language in different settings
•    participate in class discussions
•    retell or paraphrase a sentence, paragraph, or story


Students will….
•    demonstrate listening skills
•    follow oral directions
•    listen carefully for:
            main idea
            important details

These expectations are based on research data from: NCTE and IRA, McREL, Houghton Mifflin and the Primary Program.

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