Expectations for 3rd Grade


Students will….
•    gain an appreciation for a wide variety of literature and be able to analyze, discuss and evaluate it
•    use decoding skills & strategies, including phonetic skills and structural analysis skills
•    read orally with fluency and expression
•    apply comprehension strategies; understand meaning
•    show increasing ability to make inferences and to read critically
•    be able to predict, to draw conclusions, and to summarize about information from a story


Students will….
•    use writing for a wide range of purposes (e.g., for enjoyment, to think/create ideas, to communicate purposefully with others, to reflect upon experience)
•    write in sentence form and construct a simple paragraph
•    create a story independently with a beginning, middle, and end
•    use functional spelling while drafting, but search for standard spelling before the final draft
•    demonstrate knowledge of most spelling patterns
•    utilize punctuation (ending sentence & commas)
•    write legibly
•    know how to gain information for research or enjoyment of the subject
•    recognize & produce legible cursive letters


Students will….
•    participate in choral reading, plays, and drama presentations
•    show increasing awareness of how to use language appropriately in a wide array of social situations
•    practice effective communication skills; express thoughts in appropriate ways
•    participate in class discussion
•    demonstrate ability to get to the point, to control language, to tell a story in proper sequence


Students will….
•    become sensitive to the need to be silent, to wait, to respond, as appropriate
•    follow 3-step directions given orally and/or in written form
•    demonstrate an increasing awareness of facts, details, feelings, and values
•    learn to listen critically (e.g., for main idea, and sequence)
•    give a positive response to orally presented stories, poems, rhymes, drama, and prose

These expectations are based on research data from: NCTE and IRA, McREL, Houghton Mifflin and the Primary Program.

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