Expectations for 2nd Grade


Students will….
•    read for enjoyment
•    read for understanding
•    use appropriate strategies to decode unknown words
•    know basic sight words
•    read to gain knowledge about a topic
•    identify similarities and differences between persons, places, things, and events using concrete criteria


Students will….
•    write their ideas for enjoyment
•    write their ideas to share with others
•    write all letters and numbers in a legible format
•    write a sentence beginning with a capital letter and ending with the correct punctuation
•    include a beginning and ending sound in words they are trying to spell
•    use words to express feelings and emotions
•    spell words that follow certain patterns
•    write a story with a beginning, middle, & end


Students will….
•    clearly communicate his/her ideas orally so that others can understand
•    speak with a strong, confident voice loud enough for class to hear
•    retell a story listing the major events in sequence
•    speak with common courtesy in a variety of situations
•    say encouraging things to other group members
•    participate in class discussions


Students will….
•    follow 2 & 3 step directions given orally and/or written
•    listen and then restate what they’ve heard
•    look at the person speaking
•    demonstrate respect for others in a group
•    listen critically to ask questions and give appropriate responses

These expectations are based on research data from: NCTE and IRA, McREL, Houghton Mifflin and the Primary Program.

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