Expectations for 1st Grade


Students will….
•    expect success in learning to read
•    comprehend what they read through sequencing, retelling, & predicting events
•    independently apply decoding skills (letter sounds, context clues)
•    use high frequency words in daily reading
•    read unfamiliar material with minimal difficulty
•    choose books for reading, rereading, and further reading
•    apply reading strategies in real world situations


Students will….
•    be willing to take risks with writing
•    use writing skills for sharing with others
•    develop penmanship that is readable
•    use punctuation & capitalization correctly
•    use developmentally appropriate spelling strategies
•    write an organized story
•    make connections from reading to writing


Students will….
•    demonstrate increasing awareness of how to use language appropriately in a wide array of social situations
•    ahare information about him/herself so that others can understand, using clear speaking voice
•    tell a story in proper sequence
•    share a published piece with peers
•    will give compliments and ask questions
•    understand a story by answering questions


Students will….
•    sit and listen quietly in a large group
•    follow directions (1, 2, & 3 Step directions)
•    receive compliments and questions
•    learn to listen critically by giving appropriate responses
•    uses eye contact

These expectations are based on research data from: NCTE and IRA, McREL, Houghton Mifflin and the Primary Program.

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