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     This Web page will was created to help former teachers and staff of the MFL MarMac Schools to keep in contact with each other after relocation or retirement.  Please help us to populate the page with information regarding former MFL MarMac staff by e-mailing the Webmaster with the information shown at the right. 

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Laura Bowman - High School Language Arts
Address:  2523 232nd Street,  Castana, IA 51010
Summary:  Brooke Kathryn was born June 23, 7lbs 14oz, 19 inches long at 9:20 AM – two hours 20 minutes labor (we got to the hospital about 20 minutes before delivery!) – and she’s been just as easy ever since -- makes me feel bad for only having two!  Emily is three and a half and still a constant joy and loves helping and being a big sister.  Royce loves all the public hunting, there is a lot in the area, and stays busy with that and the fish “work” in and around the Missouri River.  I am subbing about every day (I’m at Maple Valley today, and finally have the time and technology access for this message) and loving it.  We found a little rental in the Loess Hills, about ten minutes from Onawa, so I go to as far as Boyer Valley in Dunlap and Sioux City, giving me lots of variety since I also do all grades and subjects.  We don’t have email at home (and I don’t miss it a bit!) but I would love to receive any Christmas letters, etc… 32523 232nd Street  Castana IA 51010.  I wish everyone a great holiday season and lots of love.

Update (6/30/14) 15 months after Brooke was born, we had a boy, Jack. Tubal failed, but we couldn't be happier, of course. going on 7 in September. I had been teaching at West Monona in Onawa for a month when he was born, so needless to say, that first year as Jr, Sr, AP teacher and Speech Coach was difficult (with no assistant coach again!-), but I learned a lot and as always, enjoyed the work. After 3 years there (2007-2010) Royce got his dream job on the Mississippi for DNR Fisheries Research in Bellevue, so I've been subbing, enjoying the kids, and looking for full-time teaching again.   Emily is as tall as I am at almost 11 years old (obviously taking after Royce there), and playing the flute and guitar and singing all the time (taking after me there!-).  Going into Middle School this fall.  Brooke just turned 8 Monday and is always a joy; going into 2nd grade, a fashion diva, and athletic.  Jack will be in 1st grade and is super athletic, a natural at baseball like my dad (and a lefty like grandpa too!-) and such a sweetheart.  

Wishing everyone at MFL Mar-Mac well...it was a great place to begin my teaching career and I think of y'all often (especially being just down-river!-)  


Amanda (Alcock) Freese
E-mail: afreese@marion-isd.org
Summary: Taught at MFL MarMac 1997-1998 school year - 7-12 vocal music and musical director.  Since leaving MFL MarMac, I taught vocal music for 9 years at Marion High School where the ensembles received numerous Division I ratings, and were selected to perform the national anthem at the Iowa Girls High School Athletic Association Basketball Tournament Finals in March 2002. In 2007, I left teaching for two years to work with The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. I returned to teaching in the Marion Independent School District in 2009 where I'm currently teaching general music and chorus with 3rd and 4th grade students. I was married in 1999 to Eric Freese and in 2009 we welcomed Evan into our lives. I've enjoyed reconnecting with some former staff members and students through Facebook.

Fremont Ogle - choral music, 1964-1997
E-mail:  fogle@pasco.k12.fl.us  (office) ,  fogle@tampabay.rr.com (home)
Summary:  I'll be finishing my 10th year here at Zephyrhills High School in about 8 weeks.  My wife & I live in Palm Harbor, just north of St.Petersburg, FL.

Swenette (Forsberg) Ogle
- Taught K-12 Art 1968-1971 in Monona, Farmersburg & Luana, 1986-1997 in McGregor
Current residence: Palm Harbor, FL
E-mail: C-S Ogle <oglec@mac.com> (home), ogles@pinellas.k12.fl.us (work)
Well, I "retired" from teaching when we moved to Florida. For 6 years I've been the secretary (there's only one in my department!) in the Financial Aid office of the Pinellas County School District, Administration Building in Largo, Florida. Before that I was a "temp" secretarial clerk for the county schools for 3 years, sent around the north half of the county to schools and Area offices as needed. My boss and I work with Florida Bright Futures scholarships, Talented 20 and various other scholarships for graduating high school seniors planning on higher education. I'm also responsible for developing and maintaining our department's section on three websites: internet, intranet and on Prep HQ (a new national site for use by students, parents and guidance counselors). The Financial Aid department's web site's internet address is: http://www.pinellas.k12.fl.us/finaid/.  I still love arts & crafts, but also now take photos of clouds and sky as a hobby. My husband, Fremont, a middle & high school choral teacher in Pasco County, and I live here in Palm Harbor, FL. Pinellas County is on the Gulf coast side, about half way up the state. Our daughter Caroline is attending Rollins College in Winter Park, FL majoring in Music - voice & flute. Her choir/orchestra recently toured Ireland. Caroline also achieved Black Belt level in Tae Kwon Do. Our oldest son, Tom, and his wife Tara live in Parkersburg, IA with sons Ben and Drew. Tom works for Con Agra in Waterloo and Tara is a Butler County home health care nurse. Our other son, Jon, and his wife Cathy live in St. Petersburg, FL (about 50 minutes away from us) with their baby, Alex. Jon teaches K-5 art and Cathy is a kindergarten teacher. They're both at Pinellas Central Elementary. We're enjoying the lovely weather and scenery here, getting out to the "tourist" spots like Clearwater Beach and Tarpon Springs sponge docks, etc. Oh, and enjoying that we haven't been hit by any hurricanes where we live - yet!

Denise Saunders

PO Box 264
Retired: May 2009


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